Organizing Conferences

NATSP’s objectives:

  • Bring together regional and international research participants, experts and decision makers familiar with nuclear and radiological safety-security, non-proliferation, counter-terrorism technologies, strategies, and policies

  • Iidentify direct connections between technology needs for nuclear and radiological safety-security, non-proliferation, preparedness and the critical, underlying science issues that will impact our ability to address those needs, as well as the legal, institutional and policy constraints that will affect their successful integration into national systems for countering nuclear and radiological threats and hazards

  • Establish a restricted multi-disciplinary communication platform where research experts, policy makers and stakeholders in general can discuss matters, thus increasing and improving our efforts to counter nuclear and radiological threats

      Calendar of meetings

  • 2014 NATO meeting, "Preparedness for Nuclear and Radiological Threats",
    Organizer: National Center of Security and Protection, NATSP

  • 2009  NATO meeting “Nuclear Power & Energy Security
    Organizers: Dr. Samuel Apikyan and Dr. David Diamond

  • 2008 NATO meeting, “Threat Detection, response and consequence 
    management Associated with nuclear and radiological terrorism
    Organizers: Dr. Samuel Apikyan

  • 2007 NATO meeting, “Prevention, Detection & Response to Nuclear & Radiological Threat”
    Organizers: Dr. Samuel Apikyan, Dr. David Diamond and
    Dr. Patricia Comella

  • 2005 NATO meeting, “Countering Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism
    Organizers: Dr. Samuel Apikyan and Dr. David Diamond


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