Non-Proliferation and Threat Reduction

The key question of the non-proliferation is; how difficult is it for terrorists to attack us with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) weapons? The answer is; it depends on how difficult it is for terrorists to gain access to CBRNE materials. The main national and international non-proliferation challenges are to prevent CBRNE terrorism by securing CBRNE weapons and materials at the source. It is important to recognize that effectively increasing the national CBRNE non-proliferation efforts will essentially reduce national security spending, ultimately. A national focus on non-proliferation is imperative to develop a comprehensive and sophisticated policy and strategy that empowers our national and international non-proliferation efforts halting the spread of CBRNE materials.  

NATSP is actively promoting non-proliferation of nuclear and radiological materials and technologies, both nationally and internationally.

NATSP’s objectives: 

  • Research to promote the nonproliferation of Nuclear and Radiological (RN) materials

  • Help improve policy and decision making through research and analysis

  • Disseminating analysis and information






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