Laboratory of Radioactivity Analysis and Research (RAR)

NATSP is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to improve information and protection of the public against ionizing radiation. NATSP objectives are to give people an access to scientific information about the impact of ionizing radiations and the actual radiological contamination of their environment, to improve communities’ awareness and ability to participate to the actions and decisions in the field of environmental protection, protection of public health, to give people scientific tools in order to help them to make independent preliminary risk assessments of a nuclear and radiological threats and hazards,  to deliver information on radioprotection through NATSP web site, TV, Radio, Publications, Conferences, and etc.

v  NATSP’s objectives:  

  The lab provides services in the USA and Internationally

  Radioactivity Measurements and Analysis of the Environment

  Radioactivity Measurements and  Analysis of Water, Food and Supplies

  Rapid methods for analyzing bioassays

Provide and disseminate an
trustworthy information via publications, TV, Radio, Internet, exhibitions, conferences and NATSP’s web site




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